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The MCAT Clinics

Confidence comes from The MCAT Clinics. This completely unique program consists of a 42 hour work week, during the summer, about a week or two before the actual administration of the MCAT. At this point, most students would have finished their science review, completed practice problems (2 Practice Items booklets), and would have written 4 practice MCAT exams (3 are simulations in The Gold Standard and 1 is Practice Test II - the actual past MCAT written in Problems Plus*). Now it is time to consolidate knowledge, fill in the gaps, and get to the point where you can write the MCAT with sincere confidence. Days 1 to 5 are Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 3:15 pm; each evening students are expected to review the day's materials and present questions the following day. Day 6 runs on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Day #1:
Students ask questions concerning all the difficult or tricky questions not clearly understood from either the 4 practice MCAT exams or the Practice Items booklets. The instructor answers questions to ensure understanding and to generalize to other possible questions on similar topics.

Day #2:
More Science Testing: Timed-testing in Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences from Practice Test I is followed by answers and clear explanations.

Day #3:
More Non-Science Testing: Key issues from Verbal Reasoning and the Writing Sample are clarified followed by timed-testing from Practice Test I; the essays are given to the instructor.

Day #4:
More Questions: The class examines questions from an actual past MCAT which is not commercially available.

Day #5:
Corrected essays from Day #3 are returned and discussed with students; students then choose which area they would like to receive further testing. Simultaneously, students will be writing different tests with the same objective: sharpening skills for Day #6.

Day #6:
The Ultimate Test: Practice Test III, the most recent actual past MCAT available is administered in its entirety under real test taking conditions.

The best practice week available at the most important time of the year
. . . The MCAT Clinics.

Practice Test I, Practice Test III, and hand-outs.


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