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Summer '04 Science Review

Master the MCAT Sciences!

This 20 hour intensive program provides a comprehensive review of all the key concepts in the MCAT sciences which will be tested. Emphasis is placed on mastery of concepts and problem solving. Topics to be covered include:

MCAT Physics:
From Atomic Physics to Fluid Mechanics, all the important concepts are explained along with a review of each equation which must be memorized.

MCAT General Chemistry
Ionization Potential, Hybrid Bonding, Electrochemistry, etc., and all the key equations and graphs are reviewed.

MCAT Organic Chemistry
From Reaction Mechanisms to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Organic Chemistry is synthesized and presented in a complete and easy to understand manner.

MCAT Biology:
Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology are reviewed with an emphasis on experiments and problem solving.

The MSPC(tm) student manual & The Silver Bullet Audio Cassette Series

The MSPC(tm) student manual

The MSPC(tm) student manual is THE GOLD STANDARD for Medical School Admissions. This text provides a complete and updated review for the new MCAT including Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology, with over 100 diagrams and illustrations, and 3 full length pull-out practice exams. With the comprehensive review in the MSPC(tm) student manual it is not necessary to consult any science textbooks or other sources for your MCAT science review.

The Silver Bullet Audio Cassette Series

In the MSPC(tm) Program, even your travel time is put to use. The MSPC(tm) Audio Cassette Series allows you to review specific topics in the sciences in your car or walkman on the way to work, school or anywhere. Best of all, these cassettes are part of your course materials. You do not have to go to a special centre, wait in line, and stay there to use the tapes, they are yours to keep and use at your convenience.

Course Fee

$395 (Includes GST and all course materials)


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